• Bonajour supports ethical consumption in your daily life.

    Bonajour, Korea’s signature vegan & natural cosmetics brand, supports ethical consumption in the daily lives of all users. “100 percent recyclable paper-based buffers” are used instead of vinyl-based alternatives in a small effort to save the earth.

  • Is using paper
    really eco-friendly?

    Many people are interested in “eco-friendly materials” for the sake of the earth. Is using paper without question, instead of vinyl and plastic, really eco-friendly?

  • Paper is derived from “trees” and trees have to be cut down to serve our demands for paper. It is also impossible to recycle all discarded paper 100 percent. This is our reality.
    Therefore, you will agree that replacing everything with paper for a better environment is not the answer in our search of more eco-friendly materials.

  • We use FSC-certified,
    “eco-friendly paper”.

    Bonajour has adopted FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)-certified, eco-friendly paper, which is different to regular paper.

  • What is FSC certification?

    As a system built to protect forest resources and the global environment from destruction by reckless development and illegal logging, it is an international certification standard that manages forests globally according to the 10 principles and 56 standards for the implementation of . It is beneficial not only for the present generation, but also for future generations, as it manages forest resources to ensure diversity and harmony from economic, social and environmental standpoints.

  • We cut down and process only broken trees and those that hinder the normal growth of other trees, so that forests can be preserved alongside paper production. Further, we plant two trees for every one tree cut down to guarantee abundant forests in the future. This is how our “eco-friendly paper” is obtained. We also aim to achieve zero discarded paper by making it 100 percent recyclable.

  • In our small effort for the “Sustainable Future,”
    please join us at Bonajour.

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