• 2024

    Implemented Eco-friendly Tube Packaging

    Implemented Eco-friendly Packaging of the Skin Care Line

  • 2023

    Received the “First Brand Award” for 6 Consecutive Years

    Implemented Eco-friendly Packaging of the Body Line

    Launched 100% Biodegradable Cotton Pads

    Launched the Box Reuse Campaign

    Awarded the "One Million Dollar Export Tower"

    Participated in the Beauty World Middle East in Dubai

  • 2022

    Received the “First Brand Award” for 5 Consecutive Years

    Achieved 45% in Eco-friendly and Above Average Grade Recycling

    Entered Olive Young Online

    • 2021

      Achievement of the “First Brand Award” for 4 Consecutive Years

      Douglas Entrance (Europe)

      IPSY May's Glambox Entrance (350kpics)

      Superpharm Entrance (Poland)

    • 2020

      Delivery Box Development without Tape

      Self-Manufacturing Plant GMP Acquisition

      Utilization of “Easy-Off” Packaging

      Successful Funding of the Vegan Cica Cream on the “Wadiz” Platform

    • 2019

      Utilization of 100% FSC-Certified Eco-Friendly Packaging

      Film Packaging of The “0% Campaign” Launch

      Lobh's Best Product #1 Selection (Lotte Shopping)

    • 2018

      Registration with Vegan Society Partners and Holder of the MOST Vegan Certifications in Korea

      Ranked No.1 'Moisturizing cream' in Beau-Lable, Get it Beauty

      Award No.1 natural cosmetics sector in First Brand Award

      Introduction of RSPO-Certified Eco-Friendly Palm Oil

    • 2017

      Released the first Eggplant Line including 'lupeol' in Korea

      Acquisition of the Amazon Choice Emblem in the U.S.

    • 2016

      Selection of a company that does not experiment with animals

      100% Non-Nano Physical Sunblock Launch

      First utilization of allergy-free fragrance

      'Green Tea Water Bomb' ranked among the top 10 SME products in 2016

      Start Replacement with Sustainable Natural Ingredients

    • 2015

      Exhibited at beauty shows in 7 countries

      Released the first cosmetic product ever made with key ingredients from the resurrection plant in Korea

      Microplastic FREE Campaign Launch

    • 2014

      Approved for official exportation to Indonesia by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (for most items that are approved in Korea)

      The Release of 5 Different Types of 100% Organic Essential Oil

      Development of the Cica Line

    • 2013

      Natural Cosmetics Laboratory Expansion

      Vegan Water Bomb Cream (without harmful ingredients) Launch

      Body & Hairline (without Sulfate) Launch

    • 2011

      Released ORGANIC, ECO CERT products

      Launching of 3 Natural Cosmetics Lines without Paraben & Silicon.

    • 2010

      Established 'Bonajour,' A Natural Cosmetic Brand.

      Opened the official brand mall,

    • +82-1661-0346 MON-FRI 9:00 - 18:00
      LUNCH 12:30 - 13:30
      (Closed on weekends and holidays)
    • Industrial Bank of Korea 41408856504017
      Account holder : bonajour Corp.