• We believe in the power of good healthy ingredients derived from nature.

    The beginning of Bonajour is the story of a girl with lifelong skin sensitivity who had no choice but to create her own cosmetics from nature. She developed effective formulations and went on to share them with the world.
    Bonajour believes in the power of nature and searches tirelessly for exceptional natural ingredients with which to enrich its cosmetic products.

  • Skin friendliness

    Your skin favors naturally-derived ingredients that are skin-friendly, rather than irritating chemicals.
    Now is the era of relief care – a natural journey to skin comfort and healthy.

  • Ingredients of a whole new level

    Did you know that efficacy can be totally different even when using the same ingredients?
    As experts in our field, we know the efficacy of good quality raw materials better than anyone, and we use only high-concentration, high-quality ingredients carefully selected from collection to extraction.

  • We study the 'essence' of cosmetics and stands firm with unwavering honesty.

    The reason why people buy so many cosmetics, use them, fail to achieve their desired results and move on to new products is very simple. They seek "good skin". Everyone wants to use effective cosmetics.
    That's why Bonajour is steadfastly committed to its business philosophy of 'honesty' with the aim to help you to regain skin confidence.

  • We study and manufacture our cosmetics

    Bonajour works hand in hand with experts dedicated to the study of natural cosmetics, and invests an average of 550+ days in research and testing to create the finest products.
    Bonajour makes safe cosmetics through careful management at the finest manufacturing facilities in Korea.

  • Acquired excellent quality management CGMP certification

    Reliable and safe, our products pursue natural purity. They are manufactured through systematic quality management in advanced cosmetic manufacturing facilities certified and managed to meet KFDA standards.


  • Effectiveness for skin confidence Naturally-derived cosmetics

    Looking deeper than mere cost, we use high-value, naturally-derived active ingredients generously with focus on 'how good our products will be for the skin'.
    We spare no effort to discover new naturally-derived ingredients for transforming skin conditions and develop our cosmetics based on this process.

  • Affordable price, no bubbles

    Because Bonajour invests in differentiated raw materials and research, our production costs are high. However, we believe it is the company's duty to provide good products at reasonable prices.

  • BI (Brand Identity)

    Skin newly born from nature every day
    Experience skin that transforms every day.

  • Purple is known as a color of health restoration. It also symbolizes high energy.
    Purple is our brand color, encapsulating nature-derived skin regeneration.

  • Now is the era of good healthy cosmetics

    1) Check the vegan mark!

    Officially certified as vegan by 'the Vegan Society' from the UK, the oldest vegan organization in the world (established in 1944), Bonajour has created safe and healthy natural cosmetics.

    Vegan Certified Products

  • 2) We use eco-friendly paper for the “Sustainable Future”

    Bonajour, supports ethical consumption in the daily lives of all users. “100 percent recyclable paper-based buffers” are used instead of vinyl-based alternatives in a small effort to save the earth.

    What is FSC certification?

    As a system built to protect forest resources and the global environment from destruction by reckless development and illegal logging, it is an international certification standard that manages forests globally according to the 10 principles and 56 standards for the implementation of . It is beneficial not only for the present generation, but also for future generations, as it manages forest resources to ensure diversity and harmony from economic, social and environmental standpoints.

  • 3) Life sharing with neighbors

    We share a percentage of profits from sales of our products with the needy.


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